Septic Line Repair

How does it work and is it something I need?

Intact sewer and water lines are essential to a clean and comfortable home. Read on to learn what causes sewer lines to break and how they are repaired or replaced.

When material enters the tank, it separate into three layers materials float to the top which is called the scum layer and overtime it breaks down and sinks to the bottom of the tank this is called the sludge layer and water that sits between these two layers. It is the water that exits the tank through the drain lines.

These drain or leach lines are usually set around one to three feet beneath the soil and usually in gravel beds. As the water runs out of the drain lines, it reacts with the soil and the natural microbes, resulting in clean water safe for the environment. 

The material that remains in the tank is typically removed every 2 to 3 years and disposed of properly at a waste water treatment facility. (Please see our septic pumping and maintenance for more information).

A well-made system can last around 30 years or more without any issues. Just as everything else in a home a septic system can also have problems, And one of the more common issues is seen in the drain field.

Signs of a nonworking septic field

  • When the septic lines are falling sometimes the ground in the area of the leach field or drain lines is soft and has a muddy or wet texture, with grass and/or weeds growing greener and taller than the rest of the yard.
  • Water or fluid appears above the area in which the septic tank is buried
  • You get the distinct odor of septic or sewer in one or more areas of the yard
  • Your septic tank is overfilled and pushing into the house preventing you from using any water. In other words, your bathtub, shower or washing machine might suddenly start to drain at a pace that just isn’t acceptable. Toilets often make loud gurgling sounds after being flushed and you may have to flush several times to get waste to exit the toilet.

If you have any of these issues described above L&L septic service can help you get your septic system up and operating the way it should.