Septic Tank Pump Replacement

Septic and sewer effluent pumps work hard to move wastewater to an alternate tank or absorption field. Typically pump installation is in pump tank situated near regular septic tank. Wastewater moves from the house to the septic tank via gravity.

The water then proceeds to the pump tank. The effluent pump, pumps the wastewater to the drain field. When a pump malfunctions, wastewater can back up into the house.

It is extremely important to maintain the pump so it will last for years to come. We respond to emergency pump alarm calls. L&L crew members are trained to diagnose sewer and septic pump problems and will provide affordable solutions.


A septic pump can develop several issues over time, even with regular maintenance, including:

  • Most septic pumps should have a one-way check valve attached to the outlet pipe which prevents liquid from flowing back into the tank. The one-way check valve also wears out over time allowing Liquid that was pushed out into the field back into the tank. Sometimes replacing the check valve can solve this issue.
  • Most outlet pipe should also have an Anti-siphon hole which helps break the suction after the pump has turned off it prevents all water from being sucked out on a drain field that is on a downhill slope.
  • Floats over time can wear out and get stuck in the on position not allowing your pump to turn off and eventually burning out the pump, it also gets stuck in the off position not allowing your pump to turn on replacing the float can sometimes solve this issue.
  • If the pump happens to burn Installing a new pump is necessary to push out liquid. (Note that Not all systems are the same)
  • After the pump has been installed it is necessary to do what’s called a Drawdown test to ensure the Field lines are excepting the water that’s being pushed into the system per design. If the system does not meet Certain requirements designed by the engineer for that particular system a blowout might be required.

All septic repairs are done and approved by a county representative.

If you suspect there may be a problem with one of your pumps give us a call! We have experience with every brand of pump and are capable of quickly identifying problems with them.